About Donnie Swaggart

Pastor/Evangelist Donnie Swaggart learned from a master, his father, Jimmy Swaggart, the renowned Pentecostal televangelist, but he has long since come into his own, preaching the same gospel but in his own unique and rousing style. Fervently sharing the message for more than 25 years, he has left his base in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to travel all over the world in service of the Lord. Mr. Swaggart has shared his passion for God on six continents, as far away as South Africa, India, and Australia, and as close as Canada and Mexico. In Baton Rouge, he serves as Co-Pastor of Family Worship Center Church.

Donnie Swaggart feels a calling to deliver “the message of Pentecost” and its fire to people following formal, lifeless religions, and to take them beyond the baptism experience. At his much anticipated Saturday Night Camp Meeting services during the biannual Jimmy Swaggart Camp Meetings, his “Holy Spirit Night” stirs listeners to action. Mr. Swaggart also preaches on and co-hosts “Frances & Friends” with his mother, Frances Swaggart, on the SonLife Broadcasting Network. The show addresses religious concerns and welcomes guests.

Married to Debbie, Mr. Swaggart has two sons, a daughter, and five grandchildren. Thriving and successful, two of the children assist Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, and one recently earned a Master of Education. Mr. Swaggart’s Cajun bulldog, Boudreaux, also has become an important member of the family. Putting God first and family second, the devoted evangelist continues to seize every opportunity to share his message of redemption and salvation with his flock and others searching for spiritual guidance.


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